Here's a thought for your day. Oh Perfect Church Where Are You?

Hi everyone,

Is there such a thing as a perfect church? Well, yes and no. Before you string me up, keep reading. The yes - When all the redeemed in Christ gather around the throne in heaven singing praises to our Lord, we then will experience the PERFECT church. The no - As long as we are on this earth, in these earthly bodies, we will never experience a perfect church. Why? I'm glad you asked. 1. The church on earth is filled will sinful, broken, imperfect people who realize they needed rescuing. 2. The church on earth has never been perfect - just read the New Testament.Throughout the ages, people from inside and outside the church, criticize her for many different reasons. Those from the inside often complain because their personal needs are not being met. The music is not what I want, the message is not what I need, the building doesn't fit what I want to do. So often these attitudes reflect not a problem with church as much as it is a personal issue. So often, the one who strongly dislikes the church either as a whole or the one they are currently in is because the fail to understand that true disciples of Jesus no longer put their needs first but rather the needs of others. We wonder why we are labeled hypocrites. Professing Christians serving and worshiping in a local church are there to be a light to a lost world around them not to have themselves puffed up. We would do well to remember what Jesus said in mark 10:45 - "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve..." With that said, the world around us does see us and how we act towards one another. This Sunday, before you leave your house, check your attitude. Is it one the glorifies God and draws people to Jesus, or is it one filled with ME, ME, ME, and drives the lost away. I pray it is the former.

Until the Whole World Hears,

Pastor Jim

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